Description of “Excel – Art”

Description of “EXCEL-ART” project by Oleksiy Say.

Essence of my project is work with elements visual language of the corporate world (which was designed with means of communication,  but not as artistic language).

As every usefull and practical tool, this language is full-grown and diverse – so I decide to make a document of its aesthetical aspect.

I draw easel works with a program Microsoft excel.

Excel is a program used by millions of people daily – to count money, build any diagrams and do lot of other boring stuff.

This is how it usually looks:

I prepare big Spreadsheets filled by numerals, fragments of business documentation and detached words from business language and color it – and receive big works (signed digital print on aluminum, 1 copy only) with a picture of this tab. Only tools I have are color and pattern of cells, size and color of font, strokes, lines and some amount of special signs and graphs. Average size of work is about 2 meters by bigger size – viewer can see whole picture from distance and read the text when come closer.

­­Idea of looking at work is moment when viewer goes the way from seeing whole picture to understanding that he sees the informational garbage, smallest components of corporate and media world – and go back to the whole picture but with understanding that senseless bits of information is a strokes of modern visual language, understandable for people of corporate culture, probably the youngest of human cultures for this moment.

Subject of work is usually relevant to the world of this people and fit to the imaginary of their regular life (works does not claim to be exhaustive – it is just outside view from man who quit office after decade of work in it).

In can be a landscape – business centres and plants, or objects – melting aspirin or trash bin full of documents, or stories from life – firing of employee, corporate party – enything related to those who live their lifes in office space and communicate with reall life mainly through digits.

However, I did not planned to stay on critical point of view –it’s rather neutral reflection of this reality – a document.

I allways try to make pictures beautyfull – but program itself have limitations which i find similar to borders and limits of corporate way of life.

Excel art is not a project just for one exhibition and not just a technique – this long-term project can include objects, installations etc.


    • Muthu Elangovan
    • August 2nd, 2011

    One of the extremely creative (Excel) art I have seen in my entire life.

  1. Очень оригинально. Спасибо за новый взгяд на Эксель!

    • Joe LaChance
    • January 1st, 2012

    Is it possible to purchase any of this artwork?

      • Nedzelskyy’s admin page
      • January 5th, 2012

      Please contact me directly by
      We will discuss it more properly then.


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